February 29th, 2008

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preparing for the future

The PlayMobil Security Check Point

Operation Checkpoint's Scan-IT kit

BoingBoing covers both kits here.

Law professor Dan Solove has "fun" with the PlayMobil kit here.

Uh oh, that Playmobil passenger didn't take off the sweater, jacket, or shoes. It's Playmobil Guantanamo for you!

Time to get your kids ready for the day when there's a check point at every single public gathering spot in the country. Plenty of jobs available, kids!
robot green glasses

Sacramento is a geek town?

According to the Sacramento Bee, it certainly is.

A bit of a surprise to me, even given the local presence of Intel and HP and the knowledge that Sacramento is supposedly a big sci-fi town. Heck, we had one of the few pre-screenings of "Serenity".

I don't seem to run across many sci-fi people, even at work. There is the small sci-fi lunch club of 5 people, and my spec fic group of 4 people (who were 4 of the 5 self-identified sci-fi people at a writers conference run by the library).

I tend to think of Sacramento as a more fratboy and sorority girl, beers and burgers, pickup trucks and boats, kind of town. In that sense, it's always reminded me of parts of Texas.

Maybe that's just where I live. Or maybe I'm just not social enough. I'll have to keep an eye out for more sci-fi people.

ETA: Fixed the link.