March 24th, 2008

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Norwescon: Thoughts and Learnings

Norwescon was different this year. Last year, I went to lots and lots of writing-related panels and only obliquely interacted with people. This year, I did a lot less writing panels, more science and technology panels, and did a lot of interacting with all sorts of people, including writers.

As a result, I think I had more fun and got a lot more out of the convention. I also learned some things, both about myself and about writing, and formed some plans for the next few steps in this writerly journey.

What did I learn from Norwescon this year?

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What Next?

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Norwescon blogging is complete (index)

I have finished my blog entries on Norwescon. In the interests of retconning my own blogging history, I've backdated all my posts to the actual day they cover (look what a good con blogger I was!). Here's a handy index:

- Thursday March 20; "Enter Convention Mode"
- Friday March 21; "Writing, More Writing, and Half-Naked People"
- Saturday March 22; "Judgement Day Arrives"
- Sunday March 23, "The Big Wrap-Up"
- Thoughts and Learnings and Next Steps

There's also a lot of pictures showing up on Flickr and other places. I'll see if I show up in any of them, as proof I was there.