March 26th, 2008

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my peeves while at the gym

Usually I'm a pretty mellow guy when I'm at the gym (aka fitness center). But some days, like today, I'm trying to get done quickly. It's at these times that I run into all my pet peeves about people's behavior at the gym.

1) People who use the elliptical machine that has the arm pulls and *don't use the arm pulls*! Folks, there's three machines without the arm pulls that you could use and some of us like using the arm pulls to warm up our arms.

2) People who use the dumbbells and *stand right in front of the weight rack while they use them*! Dude, take a couple steps back because now others can neither get weights nor put weights back.

3) People who sit on a weight machine and *talk and talk and talk between sets*! It's like 15 seconds of weights, 2 minutes of talking to their neighbor, and I'm standing there waiting to use the machine. As a note, I will often say "Can I sneak in a set?" and they will get going again.

4) Fox News. Invariably, several of the TVs are turned to Fox News. Ugh. There's so many ways Fox News bothers me, but today was the "Fox Fact" at the bottom of the screen. (Example: "FOX FACT: THE SUEZ CANAL IS 100 MILES LONG.") Fox is not responsible for the fact. It's just a fact. Then, what they do is put an opinion in the same location, font and size as the FOX FACT. (Example: "CLINTON WORKS WITH ALIENS") So, the people watching can assume that the opinion is a fact. Evil.

5) The new locks on the lockers. The old lockers, where you could use a padlock, have been replaced with new lockers with keypad locks. Great, I don't need a key and lock but the keypads are cantankerous and you have to get it just right or it either doesn't lock or doesn't unlock. And, now I have to remember a four-digit code.

And that's today's pet peeves at the gym. Steam has been blown off and I am done.
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conversations with a 7-year-old (an ongoing series): Cars and Laws

It's earlier in the evening, and I'm driving A to rock climbing club.

A: Daddy?
Me: Yes.
A: How come dogs can ride in the front seat no matter how old they are, but I can't ride in the front seat?

(I take some time for the question to really sink in.)

Me: Well, that's because dogs are animals and kids are people, and we care more about people getting hurt so we make more laws about people.
A: If I sat in the front seat, the airbag could hit me in the throat and hurt me.
Me: Yeah. That's part of why you sit in the back seat.
A: But the airbag could hurt dogs too.
Me: That's true.

(A is quiet for a minute)

A: Dogs shouldn't be allowed to ride in the front seat.