March 27th, 2008

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[fiction] in which I curse my endlessly chattering mind

So yesterday I read that my VPXI buddy ckastens is submitting a story to an anthology from CatsCurious Press. The theme of the anthology is a fairy-tale retelling from the protagonist's POV.

I've been getting into fairy tale retellings recently so I gave a little thought to "what would I do for such an anthology". I flipped through my Book of Fairy Tales, happened across "Thumbelina", and re-read it.

Immediately, a whole new version came into my head: a steampunk fantasy girl-power kitchen-sink-adventure story called "When Lina Went On The Lam". Along with the concept and title came the first line:

"Pretty little girls don't go on adventures," my mother always said and every time she said it, I hated her even more.

Since then my mind has been endlessly chattering on the story, generating the beginning and the ending (the plot backbone is already in the fairy tale itself).

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Submissions to the CatsCurious anthology are due March 31. Of course, that's the same deadline for submitting "Fly, Boy" to the "Taking Flight" anthology *and* the next WOTF deadline. I'm insane for even thinking about another story.

But I just might have to give it a shot. Locked, padded room, here I come.
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TV Comment: Battlestar Galactica recap (and LOST)

In prep for the start of Season 4 of BSG (April 4, Yay!), an excellent recap of the first three seasons of BSG is available on the Sci Fi Channel website. There are other cool videos as well, but here's the recap (from YouTube):

And if that voice sounds familiar, I'd bet anything it's the same narrator of the great LOST recap earlier this year: