March 31st, 2008

bender angry

100MB of email is nothing. Nothing!

Our work has a limit on the size of our Outlook Mailbox folders. The limit is 100MB. Once you get beyond the limit, you can neither send nor receive email.

This is a joke. I'm constantly running up against the limit, and I don't do a lot of email. In this day of giant (Microsoft) documents being sent as attachments, it's easy to rack up 100MB of email in no time. I have 10 emails with attachments that total 30MB in my Inbox right now. Add to that the 15MB of Calendar entries (and I have an fairly empty calendar), and 100MB is nothing.

I just want to gather four other employees, get $30 a piece from each of us, go to Fryes, buy a 1 Terabyte hard drive, give it to IT and say "put our Outlook Mailboxes on this and leave us alone". Folks, we're supposed to be a top IT company here...
princessbride vizzini have i gone mad

yet another short-deadline contest I am ludicrously considering entering

The PARSEC 2008 F&SF Story Contest. Theme is "Metallic Feathers", max word count is 3500, deadline is April 15.

Note that April 15 is also the deadline for a story to be submitted for the BayCon Writing Workshop, and I told myself that Hell or High Water I was going to submit "Real Space" for that workshop. And "Real Space" needs to be finished *and* revised.

We'll see what happens. I'm crazy to even be thinking about PARSEC. But, what else is new?
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I made it!

"Walls of Stars, Like Eyes" revised and submitted to WOTF.

"When Lina Went On The Lam" finished, revised, and submitted to CatsCurious.

"To Step Out Into The Sky" heavily revised and submitted to Taking Flight.

What a day. None of the stories are perfect, but I made all my personal commitments.

Now I get to watch the tape of Stanford-Maryland (NCAA Women's BBall Elite Eight) as my reward. A well-earned reward, indeed.