April 1st, 2008

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Sports Comment: what an insane game so far (Stanford-Maryland)

It's halftime of the Stanford-Maryland NCAA Women's Basketball game, and it has been absolutely insane. Stanford is up 51-41. Yes, that's at the half!

Both teams are shooting the lights out (between 60-65%), including popping tons of shots from three-point land, and this is in a game with a near-frenzied pace. Incredible basketball. It reminds me of the kind of games the Stanford women used to play 15 years ago, when they were the epitome of run-and-gun.

We'll see who still has energy left when the second half comes along.

UPDATE: STANFORD WINS!! Final score 98-87!!! That's like *two* UNC-LSU games. Candice Wiggins puts in 41, the second time she's over 40 in the last three games (she's averaging 28 in the tournament). Stanford goes back to the Final Four for the first time in 11 years. Go Stanford! I know what I'm watching next weekend.
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[links] three links for early morning enjoyment

Squidpunk! The tentacled edge of genre fiction. Great cover, great soundtrack, must buy now! (*)

WatchPeanuts. Watchmen as created by Charles Schultz (via BoingBoing). I'm not sure about Linus as the Comedian, but Snoopy at Rorschach is excellent.

The Bizarro web site. One of my favorite comics in the paper, and a lot of fun.

(*) Yes, I know it's an April Fools joke. None the less, the thought of a sentient squid as the guitarist in a punk band is stirring some brain soup. Maybe it goes with the story for the "Metallic Feathers" prompt, for which I keep seeing a robot drag queen.
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Writing: March 2008 review

- 3 new stories written to first draft
- 6 stories revised
- 5 stories critiqued
- 0 stories went out for critique
- 4 stories submitted to publications
- Wrote 14K new words, received 11K words of revision credit
Collapse )

Given how crazy of a month March was, I am pleased with the overall result. I really like the three stories a month pace, but we'll see how well this goes in April as I have lots of revision plans. April plans in the next post.
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Writing: April 2008 plans

My plans for April are currently as follows:
- Write 2-3 new stories. Current queue is "Real Space", the "metallic feathers" story, and maybe something else.
- Revise several stories. "Real Space" is mostly new writing with some revision. Current revision queue is "Real Space", "Echoes of Oceans", "Samsara", "The Fishing Trip" and "The Dybbuk's Moll"
- Get stories critiqued by SacSpec, Critters, and maybe one other place
- Send a story out to the BayCon Writers Workshop and put a new story in the Critters queue
- Submit 3-4 stories to publications. That's the last four of the five under "revision" above.
- Write 500 words/day

I'm just going to keep on keeping on and try to move forward and get better. Can't ask for much more than that!