April 30th, 2008

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Yahoo email is ticking me off!

I've been using the Yahoo Mail Beta for a while. I like the fact that it's closer in UI to a real email client and makes it a lot easier to manage web-based mail. However, a new nasty quirk is really ticking me off.

It used to be that Yahoo Mail messed up my returns. I use "Plain Text" mode, and I put two returns between paragraphs. It used to come back to me with what looked like four returns (ie, one CR/LF pair getting translated to two CR/LF pairs). However this was apparently only in the mail copies I cc'd back to Yahoo, and not to the mail send to others, so that was okay.

Now Yahoo Mail has changed to where all the multiple CR/LF pairs are changed to one CR/LF pair. This is annoying because all my paragraphs end up smushed together and it looks awful.

I've played around with switching to Yahoo Mail Classic but it's just a pain to use with any efficiency. Now I'm using HTML mode and I'll see if it's any better. But it might be time to switch to something else, like Gmail.
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my BayCon 2008 workshop critique session

I received my info about my critique session for the BayCon writing workshop.

The professionals are: Kevin Murphy, Wanda Kurtcu, Gerald Nordley, and Dierdre Saoirse Moen.

My fellow victims critiquees are: Gwen Dandridge and Martin Young.

I'm bringing "The Reality of Space" (formerly called "Real Space"). I just re-read the manuscript and, while there's some klunky parts (and some hideous grammar/spelling errors that I missed), I think it holds together fairly well and has some nifty bits. I'll be interested to see how the session goes.

Here's the funny thing: Out of my nine con critique sessions (2 Potlatch, 3 Norwescon, 3 Orycon and now Baycon), Gerald Nordley has been in three of those panels. We just seem to get matched up. That's fine with me, he's very nice and gives good feedback. I'm very thrilled to have him critiquing "The Reality of Space" because he knows space travel so well.

I met Dierdre at the Orycon Open Reading and Critique sessions, so it will be good to have her feedback again.

Should be fun! The session is the morning of Sunday, May 25 from 9 AM to noon. Ugh. Early Sunday morning. I hope everyone is awake after Saturday night parties.