May 1st, 2008

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[writing] April 2008 Review

- 2 new stories written to first draft
- 5 stories started, but not finished (tsk tsk tsk)
- 4 stories revised
- 1 stories critiqued
- 2 stories went out for critique
- 4 stories submitted to publications. Current Dean Wesley Smith "The Race" score is 8.
- Wrote 13801 new words, received 5430 words of revision credit

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April shapes up as a bit of a disappointment. Not enough new stories to satisfy the internal Taskmaster, and leaving stories undone *really* ticks Taskmaster off. The four submissions was a good thing, we'll see if I can beat that in May. Not enough critiques are happening; I need to try to get more (but how?). Also, I'm not doing enough critical reading (like crits for groups or read a story a day). Next month, I'll start tracking critiques that *I* do.
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[writing] May 2008 Plans

My plans for May are as follows:
- Write 2-3 new stories. Current queue is "The Presidents Book of the Dead", "Dhag on the Internet", "Robot in Furs", "The Dials of the Heavens, The Numbers of the Stars", maybe the play, and something else.
- Revise several stories. Current revision queue is "Stars Above and Ice Below", "The Accountant and the Octopus", "The Fishing Trip", "Home is the Wind and the Sky", "The Dybbuk's Moll", "The Spirit Turk", "The Game of Chase", "When Lina Went on the Lam", and "The Straw That Shines Like The Sun"
- Get stories critiqued by SacSpec, Critters, BayCon and maybe one other place.
- Put a new story in the Critters queue
- Critique 3 stories for SacSpec, and 1-2 stories/week for Critters.
- Submit 5-6 stories to publications. My current "The Race" score is 8. (see Dean Wesley Smith blog for details).
- Write 500 words/day

The work continues. It never ends. It's difficult. It's tough. It's frustrating. But it's also fun. I just have to keep remembering the VP Mantra: "Write. Revise. Submit. Repeat."