May 5th, 2008

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need a science fiction plot?

Try the SF Plot Generator, courtesy Jocelyn Paine (link found from Dr. Dobb's Newsletter).

Here's three it gave me:

"Planet 9 of Alpha-Centauri is taken over by a time-travelling loony who returns to his youth and kills himself (I said he was a loony)."

"Earth falls toward the Sun and is visited by evil mutant brewers yeast cells who wish only to serve everyone (fried)."

"Mars is struck by a comet and is visited by evil robots who steal its reserves of asparagus soup and are stopped by a logician who can't remember the Paradox of the Liar and gets killed."

The third one has some legs.
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cinco de mayo at work

For Cinco de Mayo, we're having a "salsa and guacamole" contest at work. So, there's chips and guac and salsa and other multi-layer dips all over the place. Yum. And Ugh (I ate too much).

I did enter the guacamole contest, using four fine avocadoes and a carefully crafted blend of salsas. No, I did not stuff the ballot box. This will be a fair competition!

ETA: I finished second. My late entry didn't help. Should have stuffed...
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[writing] down to six points in The Race

A story came back from F&SF with the "standard no" today, so in the Dean Wesley Smith "Race" game I'm down to six points. In my April summary, I said I had eight points but I'd made a counting mistake. Sigh.

I should be up to nine within a couple days, as I've got submissions to Realms of Fantasy, Asimov's, and Analog planned for Any Day Now.