June 3rd, 2008

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one of the best takes on the comics page, and SPIDERS!

The Comics Curmudgeon. Marvelously snarky, and wickedly funny. Check it out.

In other news, I spent most of the day helping Mom get moved into her new house. The moving van guys took care of getting the (humungous amount of) boxes and furniture into the house, but I helped with getting things to their right place (or in the garage), opening boxes to look for things, going on a run for sandwiches and drinks, and checking off things as they arrived.

I also did a big furniture clean down for spider webs and egg sacs, after the movers told us multiple horror stories about brown recluses and people they knew losing fingers and limbs and pets. Now I feel all grimy/itchy and I'm imagining spiders at every turn. Time to go take a shower!
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[writing] May 2008 Summary; June 2008 Plans

May 2008 Writing Summary
- 1 story finished (ick)
- 1 story started
- 2 stories revised
- 1 story sent out for critique
- 2 stories critiqued
- 6 critiques written
- 5 submissions
- 6 results from submissions
- 6993 new words written; 1585 words of revision credit

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June 2008 Writing Plans
- Finish 2-3 stories
- Start 1 story
- Revise 4 stories
- Get 2 stories critiqued
- Send 2 stories out for critique
- Critique 8 stories
- Make 5 new submissions
- Submission results are *not* under my control :-)

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