June 23rd, 2008

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ewwww ... cheer camp

There's apparently some sort of cheer camp going on at the park across the street. Girls in cheer outfits, I'd guess in middle or high school, are leading smaller kids (A's age and younger) in cheer-type things. With pompons.

Yeesh. Indoctrinating them at such a young age. What is this, Texas?
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my daily dose of schmaltzy songs

In my ever-continuing effort to get as much value as possible out of my XM satellite subscription, I'm trying out some new channels. Today it's "The 70s".

So far I've heard:
- "Gold" by John Stewart
- "Ships" by Barry Manilow
- "When Will I See You Again" by The Three Degrees
- "Dance With Me" by Orleans
- "Ventura Highway" by America
- "Without You" by Harry Nillson

To save everyone's sanity, I didn't embed them. You want it, you're going to have to click on the link. Be glad I didn't link to the "all-cats" fan version of "Dance With Me".
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i now have my picture from nana

While helping Mom unpack (a never-ending task :-) we found my favorite picture from Nana's house, the one Nana said I could have once she passed on.

It's by Dorothy Kent, a respected artist (mentioned in this article), who was the sister of well-known artist Rockwell Kent. Dorothy knew my grandparents and gave them this drawing when they got married. It's of a small church near Espanola, New Mexico (where my grandparents lived). I'll see if I can get a better picture and the rest of the details on the church.

I just love this picture, with its of surrealistic sense of stark simplicity. It might look plain, even a little cartoony, but has an amazing amount of depth and character to it. It now hangs in a place of pride near the front door where I can see it every day. Thank you, Nana.

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[writing] The Big 4-0 (as in, number of stories written)

Earlier tonight I finished story number 40, titled "Underneath the Skin, The Flesh Was Weak". (For the LJ friends, it's the previous entry on the LJ).

That's a nice milestone, and it goes all the way back to my short bursts of writing in the mid 90s which produced the first 5 stories. Since I got serious about writing at the beginning of 2006, I've written 35 stories and substantially re-written 4 of the early 5.

More importantly, I've finished as many stories (20) in the nine months since Viable Paradise as I finished in the time before Viable Paradise (21 months of seriousness + time for the early 5). If nothing else, that stat right there shows how Viable Paradise caused me to take my writing to a new level.

My next goal is to have finished 50 stores by the time I attend the Lincoln City workshop in early September. That's essentially a story a week. Guess what I'll be doing starting July 1!

It's also time to get those stories out in the world, but that's another whole ball of fear I'm slowly working on conquering.

Write. Finish. Revise. Submit. Doing great on the first two, it's the second two that need work. That's the other goal for early September: have most of those 50 out in the world, looking for homes. Scary stuff. But very, very necessary.

Keep moving forward. Don't look down. Onward.