June 30th, 2008

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blue skies and bicycling

Things have finally cleared up enough around here, after all the smoke from the Northern CA fires of the last week, and E and I could ride our bikes to Sac State for her class. It was a very nice ride, a good bit of exercise, and when we were on the road (as opposed to the bike trail) we got to feel all superior to the people driving their big giant cars all around.

During the ride back, we saw an interesting sight. A college-age gal was riding the other way with no hands on the handlebar, an iPod bud in one ear, and talking on her cell phone. She was wearing shorts and a sports bra so if she had wiped out she would have had a near-full-body road rash.

Didn't seem like a very good idea. E agreed with me, too (thank goodness!).
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[writing] a massive act of submission

I just finished off one massive act and submitted 10 stories today. 3 went in on paper (to WOTF, Analog, and F&SF) and 7 electronically (to DrabbleCast, Flash Fiction Online, Ideomancer, Weird Tales, Baen's Univerase, Strange Horizons, and Coyote Wild).

In one fell swoop, I now have 14 stories out in the market. My previous high was 8 stories. This makes sure I have lots of stories out and fulfills my submission goals for the month (at the last minute, of course).

I still have a bunch of "desk" stories, including some that aren't completely hideous, that I'll be trying to get out. Also, I'm going to go "a story a week" for July/August. Just because.

Now I'm rather tired, but I'll see if I can finish off "Robot in Furs" before I plummet.