July 8th, 2008

sineadoconnor nothing compares

one scene that gets me every time; how about *you*?

That last scene in "Babe". You know, where the little pig has finished expertly and kindly guiding the sheep through all the actions of the trial while the farmer stands there with a look of amazed satisfaction on his face ("what do you know, the pig *can* do it")?

And then the gate closes in slow motion, and right at the click the crowd explodes in cheers, and everyone is happy, and the farmer's wife is happy, and the announcers are shocked, and the little pig gets all perfect scores?

And then, the pig is standing next to the farmer and farmer looks down and smiles and says "that'll do, pig"? Much as one says nice and loving words to a child who has just done something wonderful?

Gets me every time. I'm getting teary-eyed up just thinking about it. I'm such a softie for stuff like that. Side effect of parenting, and all that...

What scene gets *you* every time, especially one that you never expected? (and believe me, I never thought "Babe" would get me like that)
spiderjerusalem smoke and type

some "no"s and some writing

Two "no"s recently, one from Baen's and one from F&SF. The stories in question are heading right back out tonight, to Third Order (I think) and to Escape Pod.

That'll get me back to 14 Race points (ie, stories out). And, if I can get some new stories to send to Baen's and F&SF, I can get up to 16!

In other news, 1266 more words on "Full Moon (etc)" during kid climbing. I'm having fun with this story and with the very free voice. I didn't quite make "a story a week", but vacation got in the way. Still, I'm confident of finishing soon and sending it to SacSpecFic for critique at next week's meeting.

And now to do some story revision and get a couple ready to go out!

Lookit me, bein' all writerly an' stuff like that. I'm writin' here!