July 26th, 2008

powerpuff utonium

downgrading the day away

C's new laptop came with Vista pre-installed, and she hates it. So, I'm downgrading the laptop to XP.

This is quite a process. I install XPSP2 and afterwards I realize that about half the drivers for new hardware aren't there. Luckily, I find a page on the Intertubez that tells me exactly what do to and install (yay!). Now, I'm working my way through the page.

I've been at this since a little after noon (I got distracted by a triathlon and by Tour de France on TV), but it's going well. While it installs things, I work on thanking Critters for critiques which I need to do.

And this is my day! (Everyone else is out on an all-gal berry-picking trip).