August 13th, 2008

mountain k2

five links make a post, Olympics edition!

14,000 Pounds of Tofu, and Hold the Lettuce (from NY Times). How you feed Olympics athletes. Please, please, give me three weeks in *that* restaurant!

No "frangers", no "frozen" at somber athletes' camp (from Reuters). The surprisingly mild life in Olympic Village. Unlike 2004, when it was apparently a hedonistic frenzy.

Mystery torch guard becomes Chinese sex symbol (from Reuters). A torch guard has become an object of adoration. This time it's the guards that are getting all the action.

The Official Mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (from the official site). Very, very cute. Where the set of plush dolls for us to collect?

Water Cube: A blue Olympic wonder (from the official site). This stadium and the "Bird's Nest" stadium are both just beautiful.

"Apologies" is up at Drabblecast!

My story "Apologies All Around" is featured this week at the podcast site Drabblecast!

Norm Sherman has a lot of fun with the story, hits some lines dead on with how I hear them in my head (and read them), but also does some nice work with lines in ways I hadn't even thought of (such as "Insufficient value"). I had a blast listening to it! Well done, Norm!

Check out Drabblecast! Fun stories and fun readings!