August 21st, 2008

demimoore gijane

*this* is an Olympic sport?

My apologies (barely) to the practitioners, but a bunch of hyper-flexible spider-shaped women in tight sparkly costumes prancing around with ropes, balls and hoops is NOT an Olympic sport.

A high school interpretative dance troupe?
A pale imitation of Cirque du Soliel?
Somebody's late night dream fantasy?

Sure, any of those. But NOT an Olympic sport.

And rugby and cricket aren't Olympic sports. Give me a break.
yeff digital 3bit

you're supposed to blame the horse

Doping scandal hits Olympic showjumping (at RTE News from Ireland).

Now the horses are testing positive for banned substances. Interestingly the substances was capsaicin, which is what makes chili peppers hot. Sounds like you'd have a case to argue: "But he loves jalapenos!"

A second part of the controversy is one of the winning riders has tested positive for cocaine over the years but says it was for personal enjoyment and not performance enhancement.

Grand Jumper threw down another habanero, whinnying with the burn. The two fillies in the stall laughed as his eyes bugged out and his ears twitched. Britta, his rider, shorted up a fresh line of blow off of Francois's riding crop. Another typical night at the Olympics.

You just can't make this stuff up.
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the too-complicated toaster

Found this on the Good Experience blog. It's a three-step toaster: push down lever, select toast number, turn the knob. Oh-kay.

Comments suggest it's due to the toaster being fully electronic. I wonder if it could also be due to lawsuits because someone (a kid, perhaps?) accidentally toasted things and caused a fire ("I think I'll toast this paper"). Because toasting was just too easy.