August 24th, 2008

mountain k2 monuments

back from the mountains

We went up to Camp Sacramento for the weekend, in a trip arranged by C's work.

We've been a few times before (always through work), and it's a really great place. Hikes, games, playground, fishing, activities, tall pine trees, cool mountain air, and just taking it easy. They cook all the food and so there's plenty of opportunity to stuff yourself to the gills. I certainly took advantage of that! No pictures of anything, as we forgot the camera and the cell phone died on Friday night.

I'm still not quite sure how I can be tired after sleeping 10 hours one night, 11 the other, and taking a nap on Saturday, but that's just how it goes. Maybe it's the altitute (6500 feet or so).

Now we're back, and a new hectic week begins. But it sure was a nice break.
homer scream munch

rhythmic gymnastics, in a nutshell

Wave the apparatus (ring, club, ribbon, whatever) in the air, put your foot on your head.

Or, maybe your head on your calf.

Or, do hyper-splits in the air.

If I could have found the picture where the gymnast was putting her foot on her own throat, I would have used that. When A saw that picture, she said "I thought that was someone *else's* foot."

My apologies to the gymnasts, who are certainly very flexible and sparkly and dance real pretty, but it really does look like a sport dreamed up by dirty old men.