September 6th, 2008

homer couch underwear

a day in the heat of the day, and the immediate future

Two kid soccer games today, one of them from noon to 1:30 in the 103 degree heat. *I* was tired, and I was standing on the sideline finding whatever shade I could. E was wiped out by the end and got a well-deserved Jamba Juice and some rest.

After that, went to hang out with Mom and we went to the fitness center where I worked out and A swam. Did a little swimming with the A, then piled back in the car and headed home.

Now it's post-dinner sitting around, wishing it would get cooler. I also have 40+ stories to read, by Wednesday night, for the Lincoln City workshop. I've read 10. That's not "critique read", just "familiarize read", but still. I should also do some writing, even though yesterday was the big push to revise "The Dybbuk's Moll" and get it to the Orycon workshop.

Tomorrow it's the "re-wedding" (this time it's state-recognized!) for my sister and her partner, then brunch, then the usual Sunday stuff of grocery store, making sure homework is done, prepping for work, etc. Monday through Wednesday are chock full of work with a SacSpecFic critique session Tuesday night, then Thursday morning it's off to Oregon for the workshop! Boy oh boy. It's almost here!
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flies that move through space and time

We have a fly issue in the house. They somehow get inside and then we spend lots of time chasing them around and, at fortunate times, killing them.

I went into the bathroom to take a shower and there was a fly, buzzing and buzzing around. I snuck out of the bathroom when it was away from the door, grabbed the flyswatter, and snuck back in the bathroom. The fly was nowhere to be seen. Thinking it got away, I snuck out, put the flyswatter away, and went back in the bathroom. Back was the fly, buzzing around, buzzing around.

At this point, I suspected the fly could actually move through space and time. Snuck back out, grabbed the flyswatter, went back in the bathroom. No fly. This time, I cleared my mind and listened. Soon I heard the buzz. It was around my head. I waited until it was in front of me, then went swipe swipe with the flyswatter.

Result: one dead fly, trapped in the holes of the flyswatter.

So it wasn't actually moving through space and time, but it had managed to render itself invisible. But invisible only to eyes, not to ears. And that was its downfall.