September 11th, 2008

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heading off to workshop

I'm in SMF waiting for the plane to take me to PDX and then it's a drive to the Lincoln City Workshop run by Dean Wesley Smith, with co-instructors Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Sheila Williams.

My nervous anxiety has (mostly) vanished. Now I'm at the spot where I'm attending to learn as much as I can and to get better at writing.

Had a minor travel hitch this morning. I was going to catch a ride with another attendee who was flying in, but she's currently doing an evacuation from her home in Galveston due to Hurricane Ivan (woah). She obviously has much more important things on her mind than the workshop. I send her my best wishes and good thoughts for safety for her, her family, friends, neighbors and city.

There's no blogging about the workshop while at the workshop (Rule Number 2: You DO NOT blog about Workshop), but I'm sure I can blog on the environs and on my collected thoughts on the "Fringe" and "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" season premieres. If I have time. I plan on being very very busy at this workshop.

Now, I have a few more stories to read before we fly out. More later, as time permits.