September 23rd, 2008

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a fun spate of volunteering

Yesterday, I gave a presentation about math contests to the High School math representatives for the school district. Today, I gave the same presentation to the Middle School math representatives.

I talked a mile a minute about math contests, but I think some of the information got through. They also had a set of the presentation slides. Hopefully we'll see more schools getting involved in math contests.

There was a decent response to the idea of a district-organized math contest, with a couple interesting suggestions. That will be something I continue to pursue with the district folks.

Last night I volunteered at a College Information Night for Natomas Unified School District, talking to high school students and their parents about Stanford. It was a real blast! I had a lot of fun talking about Stanford, about what Stanford looks for in students, about how students really should concentrate on being the best person they can be and things will probably work out for the best no matter what happens with college. I enjoyed it, and I look forward to doing more.
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TV Comment: "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" s2ep02

"Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" Season 2, episode 2
"Automatic for the People"

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Summary: This seemed like a "set-up" episode, where there was a thin thread of a main plotline with a lot of events that are setting up other future items (the cop, the new girlfriend, the power plant). I do like the idea that it's becoming less about "Kill John Connor" and more about "Make sure things happen or don't happen that will have a big effect on the future." That's an interesting take on the whole Terminator mythos.
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TV Comment: "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles", s2ep03

"Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles"
Season 2, Episode 3
"The Mousetrap"

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Summary: I'm not as sure about this one. There's some thematic work happening, and possibly some character development but I'm very uncertain about where this is going. Or maybe that's the point - it's not about trying to go somewhere, it's just about trying to survive.