October 31st, 2008

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I don't think Wyoming will be on my vacation destination list for a while

On Fears Of Obama's Stand, Gun Sales Spike. "Despite a shrinking economy, sales of firearms are up by 10 percent nationwide this year."

The article talks about how it could be concerns over possible changes in gun ownership laws (because one must, simply must, have a semiautomatic assault rifle with 1000 rounds of ammo).

But I hear a bit of a nasty undercurrent, in the sentiments expressed by purchasers, that sounds like either:
"I have to be able to defend myself against the socialist jack-booted thugs that will be sent after me if the liberals win."
"I'm arming myself for when we real patriots decide we've have to take back our country."

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The Halloween 2008 Report

Halloween 2008 was another good time. Despite the light rain on and off in the evening, we still did plenty of decorations and had a solid stream of trick or treaters. I live across the street from a small neighborhood park, so it's a popular place to trick-or-treat - people "go around the park".

The grand total was 100 kids: 25 from 6pm to 7pm; 57 from 7pm to 8pm; 17 from 8pm to 9pm; 1 lone straggler after 9pm. Even giving out four small pieces of candy to each kid, there was still plenty of candy left. It goes with C to work tonight.

One picture here, the rest behind the cut.

This is my "Nightmare Before Christmas" shirt, which I wore yesterday in preparation.

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tweets for the day

(Posted here for reference. At twitter, I'm also "jeffsoesbe")

  • 07:00 Halloween morning is zoom, zoom, zoom, like every morning. up, breakfasts, lunches, out of the house to school, short workout, then work! #
  • 10:33 at work, dressed in full upper-body tattoo "sleeve". This thing is *really* warm. #
  • 10:33 @gregvaneekhout Dude, it's not even noon! #
  • 14:14 Halloween gathering at work was small, but fun. Completely full from the eight tons of food in the aisles. #
  • 16:16 at home, finishing up some stuff, then it's Halloween prep time! #
  • 18:34 half an hour in, and 11 trick or treaters so far. Last year, we had about 120 during the night. #
  • 18:50 @MaryRobinette Dang, that sounds funny. And knowing Ken, I can see it in my mind! #
  • 18:51 Supergirl just came by. She was very cute! #
  • 19:03 After hour one, we're at 25 kids. Maybe a little slower than last year. #
  • 19:34 34 kids in the last 35 minutes. We're hitting the busy time. (59 total so far) #
  • 19:54 The High School Musical Milk Chocolate Flavored Strawberry Pop Rockin' Artificially Flavored Candy is quite a hit! #
  • 21:20 And at 9pm, trick or treating is over. The light rain, starting at 8pm, really slowed down the kids. Grand total = 99 kids. #
  • 21:24 make that 100 kids. One last straggler, at 9:25 PM. #
  • 21:40 two 8-year-olds having a sleepover is not conducive to writing, or really much anything else, beyond supervising wildness... #
  • 21:42 (and that's "two 8-year olds" as in "two 8-year-olds amped up on Halloween sugar") #
  • 23:05 THe Halloween 2008 post is up! URL = jeffsoesbe.livejournal.com/272786.html #
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