November 2nd, 2008

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movie review, courtesy of the 8-year-old

Next weekend C is at a conference so it's just me and the kids. I asked A if we should go have dinner and go see a movie Saturday night.

A: Yeah, that would be fun!
Me: What should we see?
A: Let's go see High School Musical Three! I want to see it again.
Me: Hm. I think seeing High School Musical Three would be like getting beaten around the head with big foam baseball bats.
A: No, Dad, that's High School Musical *Two*. High School Musical Three is *good*.

So there you have it. I guess it's HSM3 next weekend. Without foam baseball bats
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tweets for the day

(Posted here for reference. At twitter, I'm also "jeffsoesbe")

  • 07:56 it's a really nice morning after the rain yesterday. maybe we will golf after all #
  • 16:09 golf was good today - sky a mix of clouds and blue, light breeze, squirrels hiding from the coyote, and a par and a bogie #
  • 16:10 I just don't feel like writing, but I must write. #
  • 17:09 writing and listening to XM 82 (The System) dance-electronica-trance-techno-beat #
  • 23:01 glassblowing special on pbs - I just watched a guy make a lobster! #
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