December 10th, 2008

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YuleTube: The King's Singers

We have a couple King's Singers CDs which we listen to a lot during the holidays. They're an a cappella ensemble who can sing wacky and sing nice, so here's a taste of both.

"Twelve Days of Christmas" with Julie Andrews gamely playing along. Lyrics in German, subtitles in Spanish! Food looks delicious.

"The Gift", a very lovely song, by just the Singers themselves and their wonderful voices.

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when Word goes all wacky

MS Word has decided that my cursor will now be a tiny little dot, not much bigger than a period.

It started in one document, and has now spread to other documents. The cursor itself, when moving around with the mouse, is still the classic "I". But when typing, it's a little bitty dot. I have not yet figured out, for the life of me, how to get it back. Google results said it was probably a font size issue and to muck with changing font sizes. No dice.

Anyone have any advice?
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tweets for the day

(Posted here for reference. At twitter, I'm also "jeffsoesbe")

  • 00:03 and here is the tired and it's time to go to bed. Hopefully, tomorrow won't be as much of a DAY as today. #
  • 06:51 alive, and kicking! I think today will only be a Day, unlike yesterday's DAY! #
  • 07:11 @StoneTable that sounds like a metaphor for something else... #
  • 16:43 @steviechuckles I'm right behind you, old man! (my older daughter is almost 15) #
  • 17:55 listening to Cat Power and doing work. Hey, what a surprise! (the work part, that is) #
  • 17:59 meebo is automatically disconnecting when I log in. I wonder if work is doing something with it. #
  • 18:33 @markteppo Because you're a NERD! Me, too ... #
  • 21:40 @jay_lake By now, it must be Fear and Loathing in Grant's Pass? #
  • 21:41 tired, sore, headache = Massive stress, sleep deprivation, or getting sick? Or, all of the above? #
  • 21:42 Wondering what the frak Rod Blagojevich was thinking? I mean, really, What The Frak was he thinking? #
  • 21:48 @jay_lake You are *this* close to Ashland and all it offers. Including The Black Sheep, a marvelously English pub. Go, Ye, Go! #
  • 21:50 @jay_lake BTW, I've always thought Ken's singing was quite nice. :-) #
  • 22:03 self-medicating with a cinnamon roll and some chai. It works well. #
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