February 17th, 2009

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I have a Comment of the Week at Comics Curmudgeon!

The Comics Curmudgeon is one of my top sites and always good for at least one laugh every day. Josh reads the day's comics and makes marvelously snarky and funny comments about several of them.

Each week, the Curmudgeon peruses his comment threads for his favorite comments of the week and posts them in an end of the week summary. It is the dream of every Comics Curmudgeon commenter to make the Comments of the Week.

And this week, I did it (!) with my comment on a Pluggers cartoon early in the week. Pluggers is the second comic in the post, look for "yeff" in both places.

Awesome! And if you aren't reading Comics Curmudgeon, I highly recommend it.
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and the rain rain rain came down down down

We've had rain, rain, rain here in Sacramento, along with chilly temps (40s) and big, big wind. We desperately need the water, and the mountains are hopefully getting tons of snow. It's one of those times when you just want to stay inside as much as you can.

The birds are thoroughly enjoying the water. Across the street at the park, the field is flooded so there's a flock of seagulls (the real kind, with calmer hair) along with crows and a big heron, all enjoying what is certainly worm-and-bug soup. Pictures if I can ever get close enough to the heron for a halfway decent picture.
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One Hundred And Four MegaBytes

That's how much traffic passed over the VPN connection to the office network today while I was working at home. It included a Virtual Classroom group meeting with slides.

Of course, given that's about the equivalent of downloading The Kleptones's "Night At The Hip-Hopera" I think my work VPN bandwidth is just fine and perhaps even a bit lower than others.
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when the big rains come to town, there are three types of drivers

1) The Bombers. These folks don't change their driving habits one bit, and in fact are often more aggressive as they're taking advantage of the gaps left by the following two types. They enjoy flying through traffic and leaving water splashes and trails. For them, as always, headlights and signals are purely optional.

2) The Scaredy-Cats. These folks are completely freaked out by the fact that WATER IS FALLING FROM THE SKY and drive extremely slow, stay way behind everyone else, and jam on the brakes at the slightest provocation.

3) Me. I'm just trying to get from Point A to Point B without being clobbered by either of the first two types. So far, I've been successful.

In other news, the neighborhood ducks are thoroughly enjoying the flooded field at the park across the street. Lake Park, we can call it.
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tweets for the day

(Posted here for reference. At twitter, I'm "yeff")

  • 08:33 up, worked out, breakfasted, coffeed, and now working #
  • 11:54 @lilithsaintcrow Third Step: PROFIT! #
  • 13:30 @lilithsaintcrow No pressure for you, but definitely for the squirrel underpants gnomes (a la South Park)... #
  • 13:31 @JeremiahTolbert Does the squirrel have enough Squirrel Chow? #
  • 13:52 @lilithsaintcrow Mr. Hankey is still one of my fav SP. "Well, hideeho. You kids sure smell like flowers." #
  • 15:53 attending a work phone meeting and watching through the window as ithe rain pounds down outside! #
  • 21:39 @doctorow I think you just BoingBoinged yourself! #
  • 21:42 @jelundberg I've been meaning to read that book for ... 50 years! Especially Chapter 7 "DVD Players" :-) #
  • 21:42 answering email. #
  • 22:21 watching a Frontline special on the economic meltdown #
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read a story a day: Feb 9-15, 2009

Monday Feb 9 - Sunday Feb 15, 2009
Total: 13 stories (6 Flash, 3 for crit groups, 0 in novel)
Top Favorites: "Sonny Liston Takes A Fall"; "The LoveSling"

Stories Read:
"Flying in Pink Satin" by Stephanie Haefner (flash), FlashMe Magazine, Volume 6 Issue 23
"Anointed" by Gayla Chaney (Flash), FlashMe Magazine, Volume 6 Issue 23
"A Very Late Lunch" by Random de Shea (flash), FlashMe Magazine, Volume 6 Issue 23
"This Life Sucks" by Fiona Glass (flash), FlashMe Magazine, Volume 6 Issue 23 [favorite of issue]
"School Call Number Eleven" by Paul Lewellan (flash), FlashMe Magazine, Volume 6 Issue 23
"Unspoken Words" by Wayne Scheer (flash), FlashMe Magazine, Volume 6 Issue 23
3 stories for SacSpecFic
"Sonny Liston Takes A Fall" by Elizabeth Bear, www.elizabethbear.com
"The Invasion From Outer Space" by Steven Millhauser, New Yorker, February 9/16 issue
"The LoveSling" by Nick Wolven, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet #23
"The Emily(s) Debate the Impact of Reclusivity on Life, Art, Family, Community and Pets" by Kat Meads, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet #23

Read FlashMe Magazine before submitting a story there, and started into the latest Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet. Did enjoy Bear's story and "LoveSling" was funny.