March 3rd, 2009

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coughing and writing, writing and coughing

While the pure sickness has died out a little, the cough and congestion remain. The cough is one of those tough, dry, hacking coughs which leaves me a little dizzy afterwards.

Also, the congestion is super-powered, flaring up mightily just about every four hours and not dying down unless I keep the Sudafed coming steady. Once the congestion hits, my brain seems to slow down and become the mud which it feels is now inside my head.

It makes writing a little difficult, but none the less I was able to get through some rework on "Straw That Shines Like The Sun" tonight while A climbed. I haven't written in 5 days due to Math Contest Week and the sickness, so the writing muscles were a little stiff. But, I did do some reorganization of parts and tomorrow I'll do cleanup and spackle to get it all to fit together.
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  • 09:54 meeting at work #
  • 12:31 lunch break for tandoori chicken wrap and email #
  • 22:21 watching "Wordplay"; reviewing Norwescon32 schedule; being congested; #
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