March 9th, 2009

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Flash Fiction Contest at Byzarium, deadline is March 16

Byzarium, a nifty online journal, holds a regular Flash Fiction contest. Stories should be less than 500 words, and based on an image.

The image for the most recent contest is "Death and the Miser" by Hieronymous Bosch. Oooo, Bosch.

Here's the image and contest details. The deadline is March 16.

500 words, come on, no problem. Check out the image and give it a shot!

DISCLAIMER: Byzarium is publishing a story of mine in an upcoming issue. So they're nifty for that. But they were nifty before they ever made that decision :-)
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for all new parents or soon-to-be new parents

"Safe Baby Handling Tips", by David and Kelly Sopp, is a crucial book for the new parent or the soon-to-be new parent. It contains volumes of good and proper advice on correct and incorrect ways to handle the baby and baby related situations.

For example, methods of calming the baby:

The bottle of hooch is not so great for baby. Might be great for parents at times, though.

You can buy the book at the above link (book at Amazon) and see a "trailer" for the book at the Running Press website. CoolStuff has a sampler of a few more tips from the book.

Buy it for yourself, buy it for your friends!

DISCLAIMER: I have no association with the book beyond finding it danged funny. I'm past the baby stage now. Where's the teenager version?