March 23rd, 2009

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thoughts on the BSG finale

So I finally saw the BSG finale today. I watched the first hour over the weekend, and a couple coworkers and I watched the last 1.5 hours in a conference room as a long lunch break. I'd already read multiple comments on LJ and on various SF sites so I knew the reaction was not favorable.

Overall, I felt ... underwhelmed. The ending, especially the last hour, had many elements that I felt were too simple and too "deus ex machina". BSG was, at its height, a complex, gray, uncertain show that was all about what it meant to be human whether you were human, cylon, or something in between. My summary of BSG would be: being human is complicated, messy, difficult. BSG deserved an ending that was more difficult than this, that was more uncertain, that wasn't so clean and cut-and-dried and easy.

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  • 15:09 BSG finale was pretty ... underwhelming. And simple. Which betrays what was a powerful and complex show. #
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