April 12th, 2009

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[norwescon] Norwescon Roundup

Well, that was busy.

48 hours after arriving at Norwescon, I left Norwescon and it felt like the time just flew by. I met many friends from past cons, made some new ones, did some new things, and had an absolutely great time.

What I love about SF conventions is that they are really the chance to luxuriate in being a writer person and a sci-fi person and not have to fit it in with everything else that makes up my life. I do love the fullness of my life, but being able to indulge this side of my personality is a real luxury and always a joy.

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Cons are fantastic. They are a time where I really feel like a SF/F writer. Being a "Pro" was, in a weird way, both helpful and frightening. Helpful because it gives me the glimmer of a sense that I might actually figure things out (to some degree). Frightening because there is a whole much more I don't know that I know I have to learn in order to do what I want to do with my writing. Yet, I'm in a position of authority, on the other side of the table (so to speak).

Doing the Sci-Fi Spelling Bee was a real blast and I will definitely offer to do it again at future cons. The reading also went well and will help give me the gumption I need to audition with a site as a podcast reader. (Drama Degree, re-activate!)

In the end, I feel very recharged as a writer and a science fiction nerd. I do believe that my experiences at Norwescon will light the booster rockets and help me get cooking again on challenging myself with my writing and taking it to the next level. All that's left (all!) is the hard, hard work. But I'm ready for that.