June 4th, 2009

bruce willis

The Adventure of the Dead Battery

So yesterday we had footy club practice/game at the park downtown and besides the area around the broken sprinkler in the field (quickly nicknamed "The Swamp") which smelled like a sewage treatment facility, practice was a good time. We did about an hour of drills then played a small game. My side got behind early, and big, but staged a rally (including both C and I scoring goals) that fell a little short of success. But all had fun and a workout.

I took someone's bony butt in the thigh during a marking contest, so now I'm limping a little today. I'm also very tired today, but footy isn't the only reason for my fogheaded-ness.

C had come to footy from work, and me from home, so we were going to head back home and I would do the Wednesday ritual of stopping at Yogurt Monkey and getting yogurt-based treats for everyone. I get to YM and notice there's a message on my phone from C saying that the van won't start.

I truck back to the field, get C, we stop at YM and get yogurts for us and the kids, and go home. We both wolf down our yogurts because we're starving after practice (mmmm, yogurt with peanut butter cups for dinner), grab the jumper cables, and head back to the car.

Attempts to jump it prove not successful. A little power trickles from the Honda to the van, but not enough to start the car. So we call AAA. C heads back home with the Honda because it's now 10PM and she has to be at work at 7AM. I wait in the van while the lights at the tennis court go off and plunge the park into darkness.

People walking their dogs at night (I suspect they were "midnight poopers") stare at me funny because I'm sitting in a van next to a dark park looking at the web on my iPhone. I'm surprised that neither the cops nor George Michael showed up.

Finally, AAA arrives at 10:45. The guy has a gigantic truck (for both helping folks and towing things), and he's one of those taciturn people who doesn't say much. Very quickly he hooks up his giant truck to the van battery and the van starts right up. All he says is "hell of some lighting earlier, huh?" when hooking things up and "that's it" when done. I, of course, thank him profusely.

I drive the van all around the freeways for 30 minutes, hopefully charging everything back up. When I get home, at 11:30, I park in the garage and try to start the van. No luck. That is one dead (d-e-d) battery. Back inside, I tell C the deal and we agree she'll take the Honda to work tomorrow. Finally, I take a shower, eat dinner at 12:15, watch in amazement at the lightning and thunder outside (we don't get thunderstorms here much) and finally go to sleep somewhere close to 1.

Since I got up at 6 to get the kids ready for school, I'm a little tired today. Limping also, because of the sore thigh. And that was my adventure!

Anyone else have an adventure yesterday?
patrick stewart smile

The Battery Adventure has a happy ending

I successfully borrowed the pickup from the in-laws, trucked down to Costco, got *just* a battery (without buying a dozen other random yet appealing things), and put the new battery in the van. The van now happily starts, let's hope it stays that way..

My reward was a Chicken Chipotle Sandwich (with fries) from Jack-in-the-Box. I don't eat fast food much (once every few months), but I confess a fondness for JITB probably left over from the teen days. Yes, I was pleased when they brought back the clown.

In the process of installing the new battery, I did discover that when I left the garage door open Monday night there was indeed some theft. (C discovered the open garage door when she got home at 2AM from work, but we weren't sure if anything was missing) The old toolbox with a collection of nails, screws, and a partial socket wrench set is gone, as is my $8 walkman-to-radio broadcaster and my cheap bluetooth earpiece. However, the bikes were left behind. Go figure.

But overall it was a successful lunch break. Now it's back to work trying to get the code to do what I want (in fact, need) it to do. This evening, while A climbs I will continue work on "The Hair That Binds" and get some more scenes down as well as perhaps scratching against a ghost of a resolution. I know kind of what the resolution is for the characters, I'm just not quite sure how the plot is going to get him/it there.