June 18th, 2009

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tweets for the day

(Posted here for reference. At twitter, I'm "yeff")

  • 23:47 the tiredness is absolute. after a long day and footy and filled with a bit of yogurt monkey, it is now time for The Bed. #
  • 07:09 Third (morn) puzzles: jumble = 0:51; nyt xword = 23:12 (that was hard). Todd, 17A is retinol #fb #
  • 10:34 @mswriterkim physical exercise time is also great for mentally working through plot details! #
  • 10:35 RT @sfwa Nancy Kress has a very nice post about discipline and writing. bit.ly/16YbRK [Y: Some good, solid, useful advice!] #
  • 10:36 RT @CassiniSaturn As Saturn nears Aug'09 equinox, moons cast shadows onto rings. Stunning new image is.gd/15qgz [Y: way way cool!] #
  • 10:37 If you're a space exploration fan and you *aren't* following @CassiniSaturn, you should be! #
  • 10:37 The hamstring "tendonitis" is rather sore today. Hopefully massive Advil will help it heal by Saturday's game #fb #
  • 12:45 @puzzlewright OATER #
  • 12:46 @DrWicked "It must be a parking spot, because *I* want to park there!" #
  • 16:03 time to head on home and get A to climbing! and while there, write write WRITE #
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