June 30th, 2009

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five random links for lunchtime

And one line of commentary on each.

Nonograms Online. A fun puzzle, and they twitter the top times.

Core Mythos: Is your ab workout hurting your back?. Core is important to my well-being and to playing footy so I found this article interesting, though I do cover the core and the external abs in workouts.

7 Man-Made Substances that Laugh in the Face of Physics (via Jay Lake). Totally freaking awesome.

10 Busted Myths About The Canadian Healthcare System. A little one-sided along the line of "Canada rocks", but never the less a nice rebuttal to the anguished screams and fears about making any changes to our for-profit job-linked health care system.

iPhone 3gs review (at engadget). I should have waited a month, sigh.
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if I don't kill myself with footy, then I'll do it with the bike

So during lunch I decided to ride the bike down to the community center so that I could sign A up for going to their Kids Klub during July, because A really likes to swim and they swim at the neighborhood pool every day.

I also confess that I also went down to the park because E and her new boyfriend were hanging out there, and I wanted to meet him and make a fatherly presence. Perhaps this has some bearing out the outcome of this tale, I'm not sure.

I go to the community center, sign A up for Kids Klub, and stop by where E and her boyfriend D are hanging out. I chat with them for a bit, and he seems like a very nice kid, and we talk about bicycling because his uncle was a big-time serious cyclist until an unfortunate accident. I then tell E she should probably come home in about 30 minutes to an hour, and ride off.

Not even 100 yards up the road, I'm in an area which was recently resurfaced and there's a small drop off between the road the gutter. I'm thinking about my daughter now having a boyfriend and all those "dad's getting old" kind of things, and I'm not paying attention to the road.

I slide right off the edge of the road into the gutter, and go sideways onto the road.

Bam! I hit the ground hard, scraping my left shoulder, left elbow, and left knee. E and boyfriend call out "are you okay". I'm back on my feet, so I think I'm okay and tell them so. The handlebars are crooked but I can get home, and on the way my left knee is dripping blood so I staunch it with the catalog of classes at the community center.

End result is a nasty case of "road rash" on my shoulder and knee, and I'm all bandaged up in multiple places.

Maybe it was the result of wanting to "check up" on my daughter, but I'd like to think it was just a case of not paying attention.

As a note, I *was* wearing a helmet. This was a good thing as part of the fall was smacking my head against the ground. My neck hurts a tad, but that's it. Had I not been wearing a helmet things could have been worse. The biggest moral is: wear your helmet.
vpxi sign bite welcome

Mark Teppo's LIGHTBREAKER, in the wild (or, hey, I know that guy!)

I was in Borders in Folsom the other day and while browsing the SF/F section I saw LIGHTBREAKER by fellow VPXI alum (and roomie) markteppo. Picture time!

They were lined up with the spine out, as you can see:

So I also turned them face out as well:

Mark will be happy to hear that LIGHTBREAKER is out in the world. I got a copy at Norwescon and read it through non-stop. It's a good, action-filled read with an interesting main character who gets puts through some troubles but dishes it out as well. Check it out!