July 20th, 2009

starwars droids

Happy Birthday, Moon Landing!

Ah, moon landing. Once the world and you were bosom buddies, linked at the hip, going through the good and the bad together.

We've fallen out of touch though. Now it's all just memories. We should get back together, hang out, go take in a show, do extraordinary things. Let's talk.

I was 3 and a half when the moon landing happened. I don't remember it, but my parents said we watched it on a tiny TV in their apartment in Kansas City with me and my three-week old baby sister. I still love space exploration. Give me a ride to the space station, I'd take it in a second. Send offers to me. Heck, call!

In honor of today, here's a bunch of relevant links:

- Insights interviews Al Harrison (Friday July 17 show), a local psychology professor and the author of several books about the human aspects of space exploration.

- We Choose The Moon, a multimedia recreation of the moon journey and landing. Great to have on in the background, you can listen all day long.

- Orbiter, a space flight simulator. Realistic satellites, the space station, and space flight. Cool.

- TIME has several articles including a gallery of Apollo 11 photos, a video on why we haven't gone back and might not ever (extra videos also available), and how moon denial is one of the top 10 conspiracy theories.

- Want some books? Here's Professor Al Harrison (above) books _SpaceFaring: The Human Dimension_ and _Living Aloft_, a book on living and working offworld _Space Enterprise_, and two anthologies from Hadley Rille, _Return to Luna_ and _Footprints_.

- Boing Boing has multiple space exploration articles today, and there's articles at Futurismic, io9, Centauri Dreams, and SciFi Scanner. Scroll through and check em out!