July 31st, 2009

homer couch underwear

XKCD is absolutely right, tequila *is* the crazy juice.

Today's XKCD gave me a good laugh. I've had a few crazy tequila experiences myself.

In other news, we had to move footy practice Wednesday night because the Ultimate Frisbee League has taken over the park (darn!). We ended up at a local middle school with a small soccer field. Said field was also next to asphalt basketball courts.

I had forgotten that asphalt and cleats don't mix. Think walking on ice.

A ball bounced onto the courts, I went to get it while forgetting that I was wearing cleats. Bad Idea #1. I went "legs up, butt down" smack onto the concrete. Onto my already irritated hamstrings and back/hip.

I hobbled around for a while and decided to try to play in the scrimmage. Bad Idea #2. Five minutes in, I turned while running and felt a GROINK in my calf. Strained calf. End of practice for me!

After practice, we went to the wonderful Bonn Lair pub afterwards and I self-medicated until far into the night. The injuries are getting better but I'll be taking a couple weeks off from footy, along with doing my standard rehab of workouts, stretching and ice. There will be occasional self-medication. Tequila optional.