August 9th, 2009

bender sunglasses

random news from vacation

Hm. Maybe I should call this #vacationcon, since many other LJ folks are at Worldcon which partially explains why LJ is so silent today.

Parasailing on a 700-foot line off Waikiki was slightly less frightening than it was two years ago. While I was more confident that nothing bad was going to happen, every single ping and click of the various parachute and support seat harnesses made me jump. A, being the 9-year-old daredevil that she is, loved it. Her only question was "Do we *have* to hold on?". (Answer: "No, A, *you* don't have to. I, however, will.")

While walking from a shop to the car today, I found a blue iPod Nano in the grass. Totally beaten up, like it had been hit by a car or had fallen out a window. I'm thinking maybe it could be resurrected.

The Kaneohe Bay reefs are freaking *awesome* for snorkeling, and the giant sandbar is pretty amazing too. Look, I'm standing in the middle of the ocean!

Used-to-be-hurricanes Felicia and Enrique are heading our way, but due to both the cooler waters around Hawaii and Oahu's specific location no one around here is worried. Their only concession is that we might get some heavy rain for a day or two. So, we're not worried either. When in Hawaii...