August 10th, 2009

yeff southpark

The Hugo Awards and Hawaii

So they gave out The Hugo Awards last night at Worldcon. Some winners were a surprise (to me), some weren't, some winners were things I voted for, some weren't. But that's how awards go.

Congratulations to all the winners! Special congratulations to the following:
- VPXI instructor matociquala for her Best Novelette Hugo for "Shoggoths in Bloom". I always enjoy Bear's work and she was a great VPXI instructor.
- VP instructor scalzi for his Best Related Book Hugo for "Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded". I missed out on having Scalzi as a VP instructor (not that I would have tossed any of the VPXI instructors), but his Whatever column is always one of my first reads of the day and the book (a collection of columns) was a riot to read.
- Magazine Weird Tales for their Best Semiprozine Hugo. I really enjoy reading the magazine, and my sale to them is still the highlight of my career so far. And the Semiprozine category will continue into future Worlcons, which only seems right given how so much of the SF/F field happens in semiprozines. (link goes to Cheryl Morgan's Blog, and congrats to her for her Best Fan Writer Hugo. I haven't been reading her column as much as I should and will do so, starting now).

In Hawaii news, yesterday we had a mellow morning then spent the afternoon with MC (an old friend from college) and his wonderful twin daughters. We went ice skating (!), then went to the club and the swimming pool and chatted. It was wonderful to catch up with him. Afterwards, we had a family dinner at Buck's Steak House (?) in Kailua where we had good food and a good time.

Today, it's kayaking in Kaneohe Bay and then we're off to the Dole Plantation to hear all about pineapple and do the big maze. The ex-Hurricane Felicia is due to arrive late tonight, and the next couple days might be rather rainy, so we're making sure to get some more outside activities accomplished. More thoughts, and some pictures, within the next couple days.