August 19th, 2009

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What's so wrong about the post office?!?! (a late-night rant)

In this health-care "debate", one of the "talking points" that anti-health insurance reform folks use goes something like: I don't want the government getting their hands on health care!! (again, it's actually health insurance reform, but I tangent). It'll turn out to be like the post office!!

And I ask: What's so wrong about the post office? I can take a physical object (several pieces of paper), put them in another physical object (an envelope), slap an address and 46 cents on it, put it in a box At My House (!) or at a nearby convenient box, and 3-4 days later it can be clear across the country. For Forty-Six Cents!!! I consider that pretty freaking amazing.

They also bring me physical items and put them in a box At My House! Sure, I haven't always requested some of those physical items but that's not the Post Office's fault.

What are people's complaints about the Post Office?
- They're slow. See above item about putting a physical object across the country in three days, for Forty-Six Cents! Doesn't sound slow to me.
- You have to wait in line. Sure you have to wait in line at the Post Office. It's a service that a bunch of people want to use. I also wait in line at the grocery store, the lunch counter, and Starbucks. At Starbucks, I can even pay ten times 46 cents for someone to put some ice, flavored sugar water, and coffee into a blender and pour it into a cup.
- They lose things. It happens, but not very often. I can count the times the post office has lost something of mine on one hand. Also, UPS and FedEx lose things too.

Do people really think that a for-profit capitalistic corporate-run postal system, one that has to continually increase the amount of profit that is delivered to the shareholders (because that's what defines a successful company and keeps the stock price rising) will do a significantly better job than the Post Office? And do you think a for-profit corporation is going to pick up stuff at my house, every day, without an extra fee? No way, man.

So lay off the Post Office, folks. And give your mail carrier a cookie once in a while.
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  • 23:08 And he's -2 for 9 holes on Wii Golf with some Totally Awesome Putting! (1 bogey, 3 birdies) #fb #
  • 00:11 three hour crit group session done, wii golf played, kids put to bed, email handled, one story read, and now it's time to hit the hay! #fb #
  • 08:33 @sparCKL I too have the blue planet t set and haven't watched it yet... #
  • 11:41 how much ink and paper can I waste trying to properly print a two-sided coupon using a one-sided printer? Answer: A lot. #fb #
  • 14:37 Working at home + Kitchen full of cookies = DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER! #fb #
  • 17:06 Time for footy! Time for footy! Yay, yay, it's time for footy club practice! (Footy = Australian Rules Football, btw) #fb #
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