August 21st, 2009

starwars droids

some space and space exploration links

Here's a few interesting ones I've run across recently:

- Stepping Stones to Mars (at MIT Technology Review). Going to Mars via asteroids, moons, orbit and then the surface. Includes a link to a lovely 151 page NASA monograph on the subject, perfect for future world-building.

- Closing In on the Lagrange Points (at Centauri Dreams). Article is about a study of the gravitationally special places in the Sun-Earth-Mars system, and what might be hanging out there.

- Fashion's New Look: Space-Age Warriors. Android Bikers. And Foam! (at io9). Space fashion more than anything else, but this is pretty kooky stuff and gets one thinking about trends and fashion wrt space exploration.

- A debate in the Economist about returning to the moon (via Centauri Dreams). The Economist! Woah. Rather interesting, and plenty of cool background links available at the page.

- The Shakespearean Heroes Science Fiction Should Steal From (at io9). A bit far afield from space and exploration, but a nice article about Shakespearean character types that could be useful and interesting in SF stories.