August 23rd, 2009

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there was footy, but not footy enough. and, beer.

It was the GGAFL Semi-Final yesterday. The "Oaklamento" Pirates (my team) gave it a good run, leaping out to a 21-2 lead after one quarter. But San Francisco came back big in the second quarter to take a 28-23 lead at the half, then pulled away after that and the Pirates could never quite get back to even.

Final score was San Francisco 77, Oakland 55. For those wise in the ways of footy scoring, the breakdown is San Fran 11-11-77, Oakland 7-13-55.

As you can see Oakland had about as many kicks for scores as SF but we were a lot less accurate, which is something that has plagued us all year long. We do have a lot of new players (myself included) so hopefully in-game accuracy is just part of the learning curve. Also, the general Pirate rule is "first to the ball, get to the man". IE, try to be first to any loose ball, and if you're not first to get the ball then get to the opponent who has the ball. We weren't as successful in that yesterday. San Francisco is a talented, quick team and when they get to run around free and unchallenged then they make trouble and get scores.

But it was a good, tough, hard fought game with just about no spats and only a few injuries. We had one scary moment when one of the Knights took an accidental elbow to the head and was knocked out, but he was quickly cognizant and his old self by the end of the game. Still, he will get himself checked out by a doctor to be safe.

Next up is the SF/Marin grand final next week. I'll miss it because I'll be in the mountains. After that is US Footy Nationals in October and I'm seriously thinking about going and playing as part of the Golden Gate second team (Division 3). It's supposed to be some great footy, and great parties as well.

Speaking of parties. Last night was the birthday part of Amy, who is one of the SacFooty organizers. Folks went to the large pool party at their apartment complex, then up to the apartment for further party (and some footy watching). It was quite a party. It reminded me of a dorm party or a frat party or a post-college party, with lots of loud, animated conversation and drinking and fun. And shots of half-Baileys/half-whiskey dropped in a glass of Guinness (yow).

C and I left at 10:30, when we realized it was time to get home or were weren't going to be going home for some time. The party was in full swing at that time, so it will be interesting to see what kind of shape people are in today at the footy committee meeting.

I personally had a very slow morning and a bit of an upset stomach. Just can't party like I used to!
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  • 13:06 All the girls are at the water park, so I have the afternoon free! Time for writing, math contest work, and a SacFooty committee mtg. #fb #
  • 13:48 my stomach still gripes about last nights bday mega-party Amy from footy. Shots of Baileys/whiskey in Guinness were one of many drinks. #fb #
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