September 16th, 2009

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I'm certain this will be the next Michael Bay movie

Because how could it *not* be?!?!

This was found, along with the covers and titles of many other self-published books, at Self-Published Books. It's a great site, make sure to check it out. (Thanks to lilithsaintcrow for tweeting the link!)

By the way, this book is the fourth in the Multiverse series. I wasn't able to immediately find them at the storywrite page, but I'm sure they're there. Also, it appears to be a screenplay! Michael Bay is set!
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The Future of Software Development Is Monkeys

Actually, Apes. (Monkeys have tails, as we know from the last Planet of the Ape remake.)

Primate Programming has a well-trained staff of gorillas, chimps, orangutans, and baboons ready to serve your software consulting needs. They're dedicated, driven, and work for peanuts (and fruit and bananas). Sounds like it should be a great experience for any corporation needing a little extra help (except for the occasional bout of poo-throwing, but how is that any different from today's human software engineers?)

I'm pushing the company because I've joined the team! I too am now a Primate Programmer! (just kidding, but fun)
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tweets for the day

(Posted here for reference. At twitter, I'm "yeff")

  • 12:13 Time to go buy a black suit jacket and maybe some shoes. Perhaps a white shirt, too. #fb #
  • 17:48 It's time for footy practice! Yay! #fb #
  • 19:54 Slight back strain while playing Footy, dang it! Luckily, I have recovery days coming #fb #
  • 22:21 the back is hurting a little more than I originally thought. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Time for some Old Man Candy (ie, Motrin). #fb #
  • 22:23 @StevenGould Littlest Sweatshop comes in a bundle with "TSA Checkpoint Cavity Search" and "Goo Goo Guantanamo" #
  • 22:24 @quixhobbit Obama picture caption can be "Now it's time for Rep. Wilson to feel the Force of my censure" #
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