October 4th, 2009

yeff negativ

and Guilder to frame for it!

To-Do List:

- finish revisions on story for workshop by end of Monday
- write new story for critique group by Thursday night
- get quote on math contest trophies
- go through math contest website and clean up stuff
- flyers for first math contest club on Wednesday afternoon
- probably other math contest stuff I can't think of right now
- attend college night as alumni representative Monday and Wednesday night
- work in the daytime
- workout and stretch so still in good shape for weekend
- pack for US Footy Nationals
- go to Ohio for US Footy Nationals Friday!
- probably other stuff

It's a busy week, but it will go by quickly and then it will be Footy Nationals! Go Roos! I'm thinking this is going to be fun. Crazy, but fun!