November 18th, 2009

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RIP - HP LaserJet 1012

The Math Contest last weekend went well, except for one casualty: my HP LaserJet 1012.

I had put it on the cart, in a box for safety, as I hauled everything back to my car. Alas, on a ramp the box toppled off the cart and the printer did a face-first dive onto the concrete.

The damage was too much for the patient to survive.

It was a marvelous printer, speedy and clean. I printed many a manuscript and math contest and kid homework and work document and form on it, and it handled it all with nary a whimper nor a complaint. It was parsimonious with the toner too, something that high-volume people like me always appreciate.

I have purchased its descendant, the HP LaserJet 1005, and if the 1005 is even half the printer the 1012 was it will be a marvelous printer indeed.

Rest in peace, HP LaserJet 1012. Your life was full and mighty.