November 29th, 2009

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[writing] OryCon Report: Saturday and Sunday

Well, another OryCon has come and gone. Once again, I had a great time, go to hang out with many old friends, made many new friends, and got a second done of writerly reinvigoration fresh on the heels of WFC. Orycon is small, but not too small, and it's in Portland which is one of my favorite cities for so many reasons. And so, here is the full report.

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As always, Orycon was a great time. It's fun to feel like I'm becoming part of the writing crowd, and thus feel freer to chat with people, go to parties, and have more participation in all aspects of a con. But behind it all is the reminder that there is plenty more to be done with my writing, and it's entirely up to me to put in the work, to continually dig deeper into my stories, and to always try to write the best story I can. One month is left in the year, so I'll be working to close out 2009 on a really strong writing note!

Now it's time for two slices of pizza and a plane flight home! Yay, home! It will be good to be home and see everyone. Can't wait!
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tweets for the day

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  • 22:46 Chatting with toxic yum, call me Kevin and just Jo at lizzy Shannon book party #fb #
  • 23:47 At the pirate party with radcon bob and Jo #fb #
  • 08:54 Awake! Goal #1 met! Now it's shower, food, and a group coffee with Lou Anders of Pyr. Should be fun! #orycon #
  • 12:05 #orycon after a fun coffee with Lou Anders, and a good social networking panel, it's check out, shop, panel on AI, say byes, and go! #fb #
  • 13:23 Listening to panel on AI at #orycon #
  • 15:11 #orycon is done, and I'm heading towards pdx and home! Con was a good time, but I'm also ready to get back. I will miss Portland, tho #fb #
  • 16:07 The anticipated pdx crowd isn't here. Now I'm way early for my flight. Darn - coulda gone to the powell's event. Ah well. Laptop time! #fb #
  • 16:09 Oh look. At security they have a kiosk for easy shipping of lighters, liquids, and knives. Only $25, too! How nice of them :-P #fb #
  • 16:32 On a clear day in Portland, you can see Mount Hood from the MAX. Excellent! #orycon #fb #
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