December 15th, 2009

yeff southpark

quick update and links

I've been busy. Busy with lots of little things. Not much posting.

A's soccer team got second in the District Cup Championship. The game ended tied 1-1 so they went to penalty kicks (no overtime) and went 9 deep before the other team got the edge. Fantastic showing by the girls! They hustled and worked hard all season, and ended up with a great reward. By the end of the year, A was playing midfield, running up and down the field all game, handling all throw-the ins (she has a massive throw-in) and most of the goal, corner, and free kicks. She's pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself!

Work is busy and the regular BUILDFAIL doesn't help when you're trying to get work checked in to the main code base. We get to (read: are being forced to) take the last two weeks of December off. That time will be used to get the office in shape, get some writing done, and have some relaxation during the holidays.

Writing goes well, overall. Morning writing has been a success during the week. The problem is writing during the weekend. That's just going to be an issue of making the time. But stories are happening.

Two links of interest:
- Dear Nobodies: A congressman writes to his constituents: "Thank God for gerrymandering". Great article at Salon, done as a mock letter from a congressperson to the constituents. You know, the people whom an elected representative is *supposedly* representing. Funny because it's true. Sad, but true.

- Rewriting "fear" memories (at boingboing). Researchers are looking at non-invasive techniques to erase memories. Story Food! "We Can Forget It For You, Wholesale", anyone?