January 20th, 2010

yeff southpark

not a lot to say right now

High School Math Contest over the weekend on Saturday went well. 44 students, all seemed to have fun, even with the minor hiccups related to grading and making sure a lunch was available. Gave out lots of trophies at the end.

Rest of the weekend, I was laid low by a cold and by the sheer post-contest tiredness. Watched some football, had a beer, slept, relaxed.

Now we're back in it, with work and family and math contest club and writing and reading. Tomorrow the fitness kicks back in, after some slackadaisicalness while sick.

Writing is going so-so, though nifty things are happening despite my difficulty in keeping actual writing momentum going. The "good luck fairy" (as I've heard Jay Lake and Ken Scholes call it) seems intent to whack me on the head with the magic wand, as if to say "Hello? McFly? Hello? Things happen when you put in the hard work. Let me remind you of that. Here!"

More on those, later, when I can get to personal email. Tomorrow, perhaps.

But now, night.