February 18th, 2010

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NBC Olympics Coverage, in a nutshell

- Self-inflating commentary
- Commercial, commercial, commercial
- An American!
- Commercial, commercial, commercial
- Something about that "Vikings and Dragons" animated movie
- An American!
- Touching human drama segment
- Commercial, commercial, commercial
- Someone falling!
- Self-inflating commentary, pairs event (two commentators)
- Touching human drama (overcoming hardship version)
- An American!
- Animated "Vikings and Dragons", doing some winter thing
- An American!
- More Falling!
- Another American!
- Commercial, commercial, commercial
- Medal Awards ceremony (usually American, but someone with touching human drama will do in a pinch)
- Closing self-inflating commentary
- Video Montage: Medals, Falling, and ... Americans!
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tweets for the day

(Posted here for reference. At twitter, I'm "yeff")

  • 09:29 work, and work. well, those bugs never seem to stop coming. work, and work. keep those tests and compiles running. #fb #
  • 21:43 I think the American half-pipers are falling because the arena is playing *MILEY CYRUS* in the background! AAA! #fb #
  • 21:44 And they're all leaving the wall too early and smashing into the lip (from what I can see). #fb #
  • 21:54 The half-pipe boarders are falling all over the place! And NBC is thrilled - sticking with this event, they are! #winterolympics #fb #
  • 22:04 The Olympic ice dancing commericals make it look like top-level ballroom dancing. #winterolympics #fb #
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