March 2nd, 2010

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thoughts on health care and free markets (or "how's that workin out fer ya?")

So Anthem (Blue Cross) announced recently that they would be raising rates for many of their subscribers to their health care insurance plans. To no one's surprise there was a huge outcry from people, an outcry that's led to hearings first in various state legislatures and now in Congress.

I was thinking about this the other day. To me this situation provides an interesting contrast between what people *say* they want and what they then say when they actually get what they say they want. (Or even, just a hint of what they say they want).

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I made Comments of the Week at Comics Curmudgeon! (again!)

The Comics Curmudgeon is one of my favorite sites, where Josh F lovingly tears apart the comics page with insightful, witty commentary. And he does it Every Single Day!

Once a week, he chooses his favorite comments to his postings and gives them their own special post. Well, I appeared as one of the Comments of the Week for the last week! See the comment here (near the end of the list), and the original post and comment here.

Pretty danged awesome. I think this is actually the third time I've made Comments of the Week. I am greatly honored.

If you're not reading The Comics Curmudgeon, you should be. It's excellent.
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some simple writing advice that goes a long way - "be specific"

On her blog, Mary Robinette Kowal shares some simple advice on the subject of "be specific".

Some good advice. Make sure to also read Joe's input in the comments.

Just simple action like they suggest can add so much flavor and texture to a story. I know details are something I often forget and it leads to my stories feeling blah.

Go check the post out! And remember: Be Specific.
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tweets for the day

(Posted here for reference. At twitter, I'm "yeff")

  • 13:05 I made Comments of the Week at Comics Curmudgeon! Yay me! #fb #
  • 14:00 It could be time for a little frozen yogurt . #fb #
  • 15:58 I really should get some slippers/sandals to wear at work. Y'know, like Mr. Rogers #fb #
  • 18:02 just pruned a LOT of email. Wow. My eyes hurt. #fb #
  • 20:54 Hmm, LOST and V together, starting Mar 30. Could be a good combo, even if V is a bit bi-polar to be really good. #fb #
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LOST: Season 6, Episode 5 "Sundown"

They say that this episode is about Sayid, so I imagine it will cover both what happens to him in the present and what happens to him in the Sideways Timeline.

I'd say this whole season (and thus the whole series) is gearing up towards a big battle at the Temple. One might think the battle at the Temple would occur before the end of the season, but then one remembers that LOST always moves slower than one might expect.

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