June 20th, 2011

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Hey Portland, Come See Some Aussie Rules Football on Sat 6/25!!!

Portlanders --

Here's your chance to come see some Australian Rules Football!!

The Stumptown Throwdown tournament is happening on Saturday, June 25, from (roughly) 10-5 at Northgate Park on North Fessendon Street.

Tournament details are available at the website of the Portland Steelheads, the local Aussie Rules Football team: http://www.portlandfooty.com/.

Aussie Rules Football is a crazy, fast-paced, high-scoring, sport that mixes all the best elements of all the best sports. It's also a heck of a lot of fun!

I will be present, playing as a member of the Golden Gate Roos. So you can come see me run around like a maniac, and learn about one of reasons I don't post on LJ or write much (at all).

If you do come by, come say hi!