August 25th, 2015

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what's making me happy this week - august 25, 2015

(slightly delayed from Sunday, due to Worldcon)

- Worldcon! I went to WorldCon for the first time since 2011 (Reno). I had a very nice time. I became re-acquainted with many of the writing folks I've met over time and had some great conversations about writing and about what they were up to. I spent more time in the WSFS Business Meeting that I ever thought I would. It was interesting and fun, which was a surprise, and that was largely due to the efforts of the WSFS Board and its chair Kevin Standlee. I went to parties every night and had more chatting and drinks.

And I went to the Hugos, certainly one of most significant Hugo Awards ceremonies in quite some time. It was funny and entertaining. I thought it might mark the end of my deep Hugo neepery, but it looks like the controversy (and my interest in it) will keep going for who knows how long, alas.

(I'll do a follow-up post on how I voted and what I think about the results. Next post.)

Overall, I had a really nice time and enjoyed myself. Now I want to go to KC in 2016, and I definitely want to go to Helsinki in 2017! I guess I'm hooked on WorldCon.

- yeff