September 20th, 2015

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Hugo Awards 2015: How I Voted (and Why)

Well, I figure I should finally get to posting my voting in the 2015 Hugo Awards. I'm mainly doing this so I have a record of my thoughts and actions when it came down to make my choices.

Even though I felt that the nomination process and the organized voting blocs violated the spirit of the Hugo Awards (see my earlier post about how "Fans Disagree"), I still tried to treat the nominating ballot fairly and not vote something under "No Award" just because it came in via an organized voting bloc. There have certainly been organized fan blocs in the past ("Doctor Who" fans in the Media Short Form category immediately comes to mind) and I've always tried to be fair anyway.

So my ballots in general went:
- Works I felt were strong enough for a Hugo, ranked in order
- No Award
- Works I didn't feel were strong enough for a Hugo, but I could see getting a Hugo, ranked in order
- Works I felt were just bad and not good enough for a Hugo (left off the ballot)

Here we go, in reverse order of the ballot.

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