May 5th, 2016

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a story comes to town, a story leaves town

"My Mother's Banshee" got a "no" from Apex Magazine. It seemed like a "standard no".

It went back out, to Shimmer.

The "Race Count" (how many stories are out in submission) is at 7 (seven):
- "Padre" (at Third Order, and I need to query them)
- "Green Tears on Black Velvet" (at Escape Pod, as a reprint)
- "The Dybbuk's Moll" (at Andromeda Spaceways)
- "Once We Were Buddies" (at Strange Horizons)
- "No Picnic" (at Abyss & Apex)
- "A Mind of Its Own" (at AE Sci Fi)
- "My Mother's Banshee" (at Shimmer)

Good luck, stories!

- yeff